Alto-Shaam CTP10-10EVH Combi Oven

Alto-Shaam CTP10-10EVH Combitherm Proformance Electric Boilerless Ventless 11 Pan Combi Oven

Alto Shaam

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Alto-Shaam CTP10-10EVH Combi Oven

  • Operate an Alto-Shaam® Combitherm® CombiOven without an expensive oven hood or costly hood installation
  • Keep costly heating and air conditioning from being vented out through yourhood
  • Self-contained oven venting system fully tested and listed by Underwriters Laboratories for both safety and sanitation
  • Using EPA method 202 testing, grease laden vapors emitted by the Combi Ventless Hood are 0.58 mg/m3 – far less than U.L.'s established standard of 5 mg/m3
  • Placed directly on top of a Combitherm countertop electric oven, the Combi Ventless Hood is available as a factory-installed option
  • A high-power fan captures all steam and fumes from the oven cavity into the Combi Ventless Hood intake and out the back surface exhaust vent, trapping grease as the air moves through the filter system
  • As fumes and vapors are circulated through the Combi Ventless Hood, condensed steam drains from an opening at the rear

  • CombihoodPLUS™ performance is "smart"; engaging the fan during the last two minutes of the cook mode to provide quiet operation and less power consumption

  • Power requirements to the Combi Ventless Hood operate directly from the power supplied to the Combi oven



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Electrical: 208-240v/60hz/3-ph

Warranty: Full Factory Warranty